The Mont des Arts/Kunstberg

The Mont des Arts/Kunstberg was built during the reign of Leopold II. Now it is a parc and meeting place. You will find the following works of art and monuments:

At the bottom, the equestrian statue of King Albert I,

in addition, the carillon of the Mont des Arts

Kunstberg - Beiaard


The Brussels Convention Centre (formerly Square) is housed in the former Congress Palace, which was built for the 1958 World Exhibition. Inside, the meter-high murals of Paul Delvaux, René Magritte and Louis van Lint have been carefully restored.  One of the works of art on the Mont des Arts : the bronze statue of Eugène Canneel represents three little children dancing and jumping around a goat.

The Royal Library of Belgium and the General State Archives – Here you will find the collection of all Belgian works + the archives of at least 30 years old, from the Burgundian period to the present day. Do not miss the cafeteria on the top floor, you have a beautiful view over Brussels.  See


Charles of Lorraine’s Palace. The former residence of Charles of Lorrain is now a museum of the 18th century. Charles was governor-general of the Austrian Netherlands from 1744 to 1780.  The museum is now closed for renovation works. In 2019, the palace will be reopened for the exhibition “The World of Bruegel in Black and White”.

The Protestant Chapel – the private chapel of Charles of Lorraine – The concept of the chapel refers to the chapel of the Castle of Versailles. Now it is a musical meeting point in the Museum district – pupils from the Royal Conservatoire regularly give concerts here. Visit by appointment or on Thursday afternoon during the summer months. –

Protestantse kapel Brussel

At the top of the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg you’ll find the Music Museum on the Hofberg and the artwork “the Whirling Ear” by Alexander Calder.